10 Best Ever Couple Gifts – Countdown to Christmas 2022

As Halloween comes to an end, a new buzz starts around the town. Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals of the year. Everyone regardless of their religion celebrates it, spreading love and kindness in the air. It promotes the feeling of hygge and peace with simmering hot cocoa and a cozy blanket in winter.

Christmas is that time of the year which is celebrated with gift-giving and huge dinners, but mainly gifts. Children write demanding letters. Though this festival isn’t just about the children but also about the love that human beings feel for one another. Love that is beyond just sweet words and sparkling trees. The perfect way to celebrate that love is to show it through actions and gifts. Presents that show you care and will adore her or him the way they deserve. But we always feel out of ideas for what to give the most special person in our lives. What would be perfect for the most perfect person for you?

And worry not we have ten heartfelt ideas for you that will help make this Christmas a little more special for the person you love;

1. A scrapbook

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A sweet little scrapbook that contains your pictures and memories that you made through the time you have been together. Filling the empty pages with words that you have sworn secrecy to. Letting the one you love know how much they mean to you. A scrapbook is a creative and personal gift, showing your inner-self most beautifully.

2. Promise ring

Puzzle Piece Engraved Couple Rings Christmas Gift (Adjustable Size)
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The little rings without any diamonds but a small homage to your emotions and love. Promise rings present your loyalty and commitment to the person you love. Giving a ring to your beloved on the most romantic festival of the year is the way to go. And ladies are also available for the men. Because why should men be the only ones buying you rings?

3. Hers and his mugs

Mugs are the utensils that you use to drink warm beverages and every time seeing a cute ‘hers or his’ quote on it reminds you of them. The warmth of the drink just rises to your cheeks and brings new happiness. It will make their day a million times better with just one word, so why wait? Get them a mug with simple ‘his’ ‘her’ or any other words that you want them to know.

4. Infinity Rose

Every love story involves roses. And so do fairy tales. Giving 101 long stem red roses is too old-fashioned. Go buy them a Galaxy infinity rose beautifully preserved in the glass case. Create a more epic fairytale than beauty and the beast with this multi-color rose that will last forever.

5. Skincare kits

This is something both of you can enjoy, skincare is the key to a woman’s heart and when she allows you to be a part of it means that you are a very important part of her life. So share some relaxing time with your girl and face masks.

6. Bracelets with magnets

Sun and Moon Magnetic Couple Bracelets Set
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Have you heard the saying ‘opposites attract’?
Well, what's a stronger attraction than magnets?
Magnets have a tendency to draw closer and that is just the way you feel about the person you love, so why not give them magnetic bracelets that will find the ways to bring you closer.

7. Puzzle necklaces

King Queen Crown Jigsaw Puzzle Couples Jewelry Set
Puzzle Piece Necklaces Set for 2 - $21.00 - Get it via Gullei

‘Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me…’
Loving is all about finding your missing piece, and when you give them a part of that beautiful necklace. You show them that you have given a part of your heart to them and they are the only ones who can fit the missing piece.

8. Mixtape

Though this idea is as old as time, a mixtape is a representation of the lyrics that have reminded you of them. Music has a wonderful ability to explain how you feel to someone with ease. You can dance to those tunes for as many Christmases as you want.

9. Matching watches

Watches represent time, the moments that you spend with one another and apart. Matching watches represent your affection for one another and also shows-off the love and admiration that you feel for your beloved.
Isn’t that what you want? For everyone to know that the person you love is one of a kind.

10. Polaroid camera

The little colourful cameras capture the moments in your life. Captures that smile that they have when they look at you and helps reminisce the moment you have. Plus those Polaroid pictures look phenomenal on the walls. Preserve all those sweet moments with your camera as a picture speaks a million words…

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